grape seed oil lubricant
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grape seed oil lubricant

The essential oils used in aromatherapy are highly concentrated and powerful. Essential oils have adverse effects on the skin if used undiluted. Although there are some essential oil exceptions, that can be used directly on skin. It is ideal to dilute essential oils with carrier oils.

Carrier oils are of plant origin with their own high therapeutic properties. Extracted from nuts and seeds, use oils that are cold-pressed, as this process does not destroy the essential fatty acids and vitamin content.

Carrier oils provide much needed lubrication allowing hands to move freely on the skin, helping the absorption of essential oils in the body. Carrier oils are lightweight, non-sticky and effectively penetrate the skin. Must be 100% pure, unrefined and cold pressed and organic when available. Grape seed oil lubricant is a good example.

When mixing essential oils with your carrier oil, different mixtures call for specific percentages of the essential oil. Basically 1 drop of essential oil added to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil = dilution of 1%. 2 drops of essential oil to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil, dilution = 2% and so on.

Commonly used oils - Apricot Kernel Oil - light, easily absorbed and hydrates the body and face well. Contains vitamin E. Seed oil extract of apricot fruit is a pale yellow. A and B vitamins help in healing and rejuvenation of skin cells. Good for all skin types, especially for sensitive, inflamed and dry skin. Excellent oil for the face, leaves the face soft and supple.

- Avocado Oil - Rich in lecithin, vitamins A, D and E. Readily penetrates the skin, acts as a protector from solar rays and aids in cell regeneration. For a homemade sun screen, try zinc oxide mixed into a half bottle of avocado oil and applied on the skin that is exposed to sunlight. Avocado Oil delays aging, because it is rich in essential fatty acids. For intensive facial treatment for mature skin, refined avocado oil is preferable, since it has little odor.

- Grape Seed Oil - Odorless, unlike most oils, it is light and good for the skin, it absorbs well. There is no feeling o greasiness after application. Slightly astringent,I smooths the skin tones and soothes acne. An ideal companion for full body massage.

- Jojoba Oil - One of the best oils for hair and skin. It penetrates the skin quickly, excellent for skin nutrition. Heals inflamed skin, psoriasis, eczema, or any type of dermatitis. Controls acne, oily skin or scalp, as excess sebum dissolves in jojoba. Good for all skin types, but sometimes clog the pores. Good base oil for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. Promotes healthy, glowing complexion.

- Rosehip - called the Queen of carrier oil. A good oil for cosmetics, its cell regeneration properties prevent premature skin aging and softens wrinkles. Good for eczema, psoriasis, PMS and menopause. When combined with the Calendula oil, which treats stretch marks, burns or scars. Cold pressed oil from rosehip seeds is pale yellow, with a light texture. Another wonderful oil carrier for skin care.

- Sweet almond oil - is very popular for body massages. Lubricates and moisturizes the skin. Good for all skin types, especially those with eczema. Absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving your skin feeling soft. Provides relief from itching, irritation, dryness, and inflammation. Rich in protein and vitamin D.

- Calendula Oil - an infusion of marigold flowers, known for its soothing properties. Balances skin well, can be used alone or mixed with almond or grape oil for body massage.

- Evening primrose oil - Olive Skin Care Perfect for hydration softening and soothing for dry, irritated skin.

- Wheat germ - Olive oil highly nutritious with vitamin E. Ideal for dry, mature and lifeless looking skin.

- Sunflower oil - used for facials and body massages. Has good, smooth moisturizing properties.

- Olive Oil - St. John's wort - Infusions of the weed Hypericum is excellent for all skin types, sensitive, redness and sore.

- Coconut oil as a moisturizing cream is perfect for body and hands. It is light, easily absorbed by the skin giving a soft satin effect. Moisturizes and conditions of fragile, dry, gray hair.

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